I am pleased to share the first completed piece of artwork in a series inspired by a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, Upward Facing Grand Prismatic.

For many years, I imagined visiting Yellowstone National Park, and finally managed to travel there in the summer of 2019. The Grand Prismatic had an ethereal dream-like quality that was very much in harmony with the upward facing dog pose. This piece is the first completed in a series dedicated to our memorable stay at Yellowstone National Park.

I hope you find serenity from this painting and spread the joy of inner peace.

The Yoga Expression pieces are mixed media and digital paintings that are executed with stylus and tablet, painting and drawing. They are produced with high quality archival paint and inks on artist canvas. Pieces can be customized with hand painting or the inclusion of a special symbol or Sanskrit word. No two are exactly the same.

Expressions are sent to you ready-to-hang, Asian scroll style. They have wood supports along the top and bottom edges and hang from a cord.

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